Why slippers?

  • by: begiraffe
  • 22. January, 2019

What is the connection between sunsets on Velika planina and BeGiraffe slippers? Where did the idea come from and what is the catch of these slippers? I suggest we start at the beginning.

I grew up in the countryside where nature was part of my everyday life in one form or another, It’s true that like most children I couldn’t stay away from my computer or MTV which often livened up my days, but always when I sought true relaxation and peace of mind, I turned to nature. And I didn’t have to go far, just beyond my doorstep. Sometimes even a few strides make a huge difference. Later in my life when I moved to the city, my admiration of what nature has to offer only deepened. I guess we all know the truth that we only start to cherish things once we lose them.  And so I seized every opportunity to make my escape from the concrete jungle and visit the green paradise.

When I met Sašo, the one thing that brought us closer together was our love for outdoor activities, especially mountain biking. During our countless little tours, hikes and exploring new places we both admired all those little details that nature has to offer and came to the conclusion that no matter what and how much of it you have, it’s the moments that count. These moments are simple pleasures and breathtaking views of nature’s beauty, taking in sunsets and hanging out with friends. It’s the carefree feeling of inspiration and pleasure. We began to wonder: how could we bring some of this relaxation and happiness with us back to our home? What can we do about it? What would we need? Let’s do it, let’s create something! But what?

It didn’t take long to find the answer. Sašos parents have been handcrafting leather and fur slippers for the past twenty years. What if… We never thought about continuing the family tradition, but when we started researching natural materials we discovered that there are many materials apart from leather that we could employ in the making of slippers. This is it! Some bring nature to their homes with plants, wooden furniture or natural fibers. We are going to do it with slippers!

With our BeGiraffe brand, we hope to encourage everyone to live a sustainable life, to inspire or only to remind them of our core principle: spending simple moments in our home the way we spend them in nature. Our living space is called a home because there we feel at home. Through BeGiraffe, we aspire to expand this feeling in a socially responsible way. This was the beginning – an idea, a spark, and ignition. But the road ahead was still long and winding.

Check back later for more on our further BeGiraffe steps.